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Hot sales Fedar sublimation printer FD6198E ready to Italy

10月 19, 21

Since the FD6198E sublimation fabric printer went public, it has received wide attention from customers. Italian customers are relatively strong in the local area. In order to adapt to the development of the local printing market, they need more high-speed and high-quality printers. After comparing the quality of many printers and the strength of factories, they chose Fedar printer for cooperation.



Sublimation ink printer FD6198E is equipped with 8 original Epson print heads, the speed can reach 320sqm/h, which can meet the high speed and the printing accuracy is better. Using CMYK 4 color printing, equipped with large ink cartridges and secondary ink supply system, reducing repeated ink refilling procedures, saving labor costs. The stable media feeding and take-up system can carry heavier printing paper and better delivery.


The technological process of the sublimation fabric printing machine: computer design-sublimation printer printing-thermal transfer machine transfer on the fabric. Therefore, FD6198E needs to be used with a heat transfer machine, if the customer needs, we also provide a heat transfer machine.